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Chholyar is an upcoming Hindi Feature Film based on the ancient traditional folk dance ‘Chholiya’ of Uttarakhand. This film is a sincere effort to promote the rich culture of the holy hills and to spread awareness for the phenomenal ‘Chholiya’ Folk Dance across the glove. It will be an introductory film to ‘Devbhoomi’ Uttarakhand and supported by the Culture Ministry of Uttarakhand itself. 


The film ‘Chholyar’is a heart touching Dance Saga presented by Diyaa India with a vision to elevate and promote the culture of Uttarakhand and to spread awareness for the rich and diverse culture of Uttarakhand that defines Devbhoomi via its unique culture, folk dance, traditions, customs, holy places, temples and beautiful tourist places etc., to give special attention to the development of cultural faculties in children and youth who are our hopes for the future.

We strive to provide opportunities to amateur artists to develop an all around personality of leadership for building a better state. It will build a strong network of people and resources in support of those who are inspired by folk and traditional arts and who wish to share with their talents and skills with others.


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