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Duration : 6 Months


1.The basics of fluency, Voice: pitch/tone/intonation/inflection

2.Voice Over: Rhythm of speech, Breathing, Resonance, VO for TV commercials/Corporate videos/ radio commercials/ TV Documentaries

3.Public Speaking: Showing how to hold an audience's attention, Teaching awareness of voice and its function, Demonstrating how to control body language, Breathing and articulation

4.Duties and responsibilities while news reading, Understanding the news scripts and news agenda

5.On-air Essentials ,Studio autocue reading & Recording the voice

6.A look at personality, style and general show presentation

7.Examples of anchors work and detailed analysis of their styles

8.Making & adding effective promo and jingles while anchoring

9.Talk Show Host and moderating an event

10.Legal pitfalls (what NOT to say)

11.Reporting techniques-Reporting a news & Interviewing, recording the byte & transcription & scripting · Different Reporting styles- Political, Entertainment, Crime, Sports & Business.


Duration : 6 Months


1.Basics of acting

2.Opening up Preparation, Warm ups & Training

3.Performance skills analysis Genres in Acting Concept- Comedy , Serious & Emotional (9 emotions

4.Voice and body language

5.Meditation ,Voice & Speech exercises

6.Voice modulation diction, breathing ,Clarity, humming and pitch

7.Acting practice- Improvisation

8.Memory& imagination creativity exercises

9.Body Movements- Emotions & facial gestures

10.Dialogue delivery and character study

11.Theatre (Traditional Media/Upstage )

12.Short acts on diverse issues – Drama, Scenes, Snippets, Solo

13.Script writing - Theme Song, Jingles, Scenes, Facts & Monologues



Duration : 6 Months


1.Editing history and concept Visual Grammar

2.Aesthetics of Editing

3.Technical of video editing

4.Application of editing Familiarization with non linear     editing techniques

5.Multi camera setup and programming

6.Online editing concept

7.Practical learning on Final cut


9.Quark Express/PageMaker

10.Coral Draw/Illustrator

11.Editing project