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Realizing that with his low volume machines can be difficult in the case of repair, Eberhard Schulz applied in all their cars only units and components that are used in vehicles manufactured serially. The car almost four-meter length and a height of a little more than a meter is a lightweight sports car with a tubular frame and fiberglass body open, independent double wishbones and located in the middle of the engine from the Volkswagen Golf volume payday loan online 1.

In 1985 there is an upgraded payday loan online of the Spyder 033-16, which has been used for the 2. The pinnacle of evolution was the introduction in 1987 Spyder payday loan online, equipped with 6-cylinder engine Daimler-Benz M 104. Total from 1982 to 1992 was built a total of 17 cars, and the ex-factory price of one of them in 1990 amounted to 199,500 marks.

In 1984 at the Geneva Motor Show debut Isdera Imperator 108i, which is prepared for series production Mercedes-Benz CW311. The car body is a tubular chassis with fiberglass body panels attached to it.

To it were attached independent double wishbones front and rear wheels. Before the rear axle is payday loans located a five-liter V8 Mercedes-Benz M177 produces 235 hp (417 N. M), which sagregatirovana five-speed manual gearbox ZF. The car was equipped with leather seats with electric, air conditioning, an advanced high-end audio system. Schultz realized that for the fantastic price of almost 380,000 grades, for which he offered his car, we need not only an extraordinary appearance with the doors of the "gull wing" and periscope instead of a rear-view mirror, and higher dynamic performance.

In 1985, the car gets a 5. In 1991, the upgraded machine. The main external changes in steel mirror instead of a periscope, the front headlights with electrolifts and derived sideways before the exhaust pipes of the rear axle.

Price 400 000 DM deterred buyers (eg Honda NSX was worth 00 marks 155), and the car was obsolete in the face of many competitors. At the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show, the company introduced a brand new supercar called Commendatore 112i.

The development of the car Shultz has invested more than 4 million marks. Such costs demanded the latest at the time the electronic control system, such as an aerodynamic brake (when you press the brake pedal, the rear spoiler was raised at a greater angle to create extra wind resistance and increase the load on the rear axle) and controlled depending on the suspension speed (to high speed car automatically lowers the ride height).

Design of the payday loans car turned a dynamic and memorable: a long rear overhang, designed with an eye on the long-tailed le-mann Porsche 917, and in a streamlined front headlamps were formally incorporated on the Porsche 968. Not without the usual type for Isdery doors "gull wing" and complement their two reclining up the engine compartment cover.

Below them, nestled 6-liter V12, taken from the latest at the time of the famous Mercedes S600 W140 in the back. Machine design familiar to Isdery: aluminum tubular frame, exterior body panels of fiberglass and Kevlar, the front and rear independent suspension. The car's weight was only 1 450 kg. It was supposed to start small-scale production car, the price of which amounted to 450 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, these plans did not come true. Only in 1999, the company was able to build a second sample, which was called Silver Arrow C112i in honor of the legendary "Silver Arrows" Mercedes.

Place 6-liter engine took monstrous 7-liter V12, collected minders AMG. Acceleration from zero to "hundreds" fell by a full second: 3. The car, like its predecessor, was built in a single copy, and bought by a businessman from Switzerland who wish to remain anonymous.

To build such a car Schulz dreamed more than 20 years of car development was started in 1984. The design was made in the style of German cars 30-ies of the last century, and the main subject was the inspiration for the legendary Mercedes 540K, which by the standards of those years was inaccessible to competitors as regards progressivity.

Dimensions "heir" in 2006 were impressive: 5. Moreover, a greater length took a very long hood and the passenger compartment of the body in general took the Beetle, after polishing up his trim precious woods and fine dressing skin.

Of course, not without motors and installation of air conditioning and high-end audio system. Under the hood hides two (. Soon Isdera firm ceased to exist.

Eberhard Schultz focused on cooperation with German automotive companies such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Because of this, for the solution to the problem of car owner can turn to specialized service Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen. In its early years, the company based in the small town of Leonberg, near Stuttgart. Each car is hand built by a small group of masters.

The construction of each car was going to order, after the personal dialogue with the head of the company and lasted about six months. In 1992 he moved to a small factory in the town of Hildesheim, in Lower Saxony. Application of the doors "gull wing" type in almost all the cars the company's lineup.

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